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Episode Count
Season 1 Episode 4
First Appearance
Search and Destroy
Last Appearance
Search and Destroy
Walton Monroe Flynn
Hair Color
Marine, Private Security
Family Members
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Cherise Dawson

Walton Monroe Flynn was a mentally-unstable Marine who fell under investigation for allegedly killing an Iraqi businessman that he was protecting at the time. He worked for Citdential, a private security firm.

Flynn came from a broken home with his past similar that of G. Callen's.

When he turned seven, Flynn's father was busted in a drug conspiracy and his mother was a drunk.

During his childhood, Flynn went through several foster homes and opted to join the Marines the day he turned eighteen with the only other option being a street gang.

According to Nate Getz, joining the Marines gave Flynn a place to belong and a structure he'd never had.

He was eventually found innocent of the crime with Citdential's CEO Peter Caldwell being revealed as the true murderer.


  • Chris Tardio previously appeared in the original NCIS series in the Season 4 episode, Skeletons (episode).

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