Hey People, Its Jess again In this blog I am goingto talk about NCIS Los Angeles...

There is:

Agent Kensi Blye

Agent Marty Deeks

Agent Callen

Agent Sam

And Opertration Manger Hetty

This is a list of all the episodes in season 1:

 Identity    The only easy day          Predator

Search and destroy      Killshot    Keepin it real

Pushback    Ambush    Random on purpose

Brimstone    Breach     Past lives    Missing

The bank job    Chinatown    Blood brothers

Hand to hand    Frame    Found    Hunted    Burned      Callen g

END of SEASON 1...

If your looking for the episode were deeks started NCIS Los Angeles it is Hand to Hand.

I am so happy to have found an tv program that I love sooo much its amazing.

I would be thankful if you left your comments below telling me what my next blog post should be all about

Cheers JESS

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