The Comescu Family was a family of organized crime based in Romania and lived beside the Black Sea. When OSS Agent George Callen was still alive he killed five members of the Comescu Family. He was then killed by the Comescu Family in an act of revenge. His daughter Clara Callen ran away with G. Callen and Amy Callen to the US and lived in Los Angeles for undetermined amount of time before returning to Romania changing her name and hiding. It was there at the Black Sea Beach that Clara was assassinated by the Comescu's family assassin. In 2010 a watcher for the Comescu Family was monitoring G. Callen at his sister's gravesite. He took pursuit after the watcher and took a picture of two guys in the car. He later found out is was the assassin who took out his mother, Clara and Dracul Comsecu in the car. In 2012 G. Callen and his team went to prague to rescue Hetty Lange and in the process ended the rest of the family but Dracul Comescu escaped. He eventually hunted down Dracul Comescu in Hawaii with the Five-O team and ended the blood feud.

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Family Members:

Ilena Comescu: Defected

Alexa Comescu: Head of the family and deceased

Dracul Comescu: Deceased

Petru Comescu: Deceased

Ion Comescu: Deceased

Grigorie Comescu: Deceased

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