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Safar Jaddalah was a terrorist who was born in Algeria and raised in Libya who is suspected of having trained the Janjaweed in Sudan.

He came to Los Angeles to recruit lonely, vulnerable young men like Mowahd Dusa into terrorism.

Eventually, the Office of Special Projects got hold of a videotape that would ruin Safar's life if it was released into the public. Using the tape, G. Callen managed to lure Safar into a meet and his colleague, Sam Hanna arrested Safar before Safar revealed that he'd known that it was Sam who had killed Moe's father.

NCIS turned Safar over to the CIA where the Agency would put him to work as an asset to them with the videotape being used as leverage.

Despite not appearing in person since then, Safar was mentioned in "Found" where Callen revealed that he had been moved to Gitmo/Guantanamo Bay.


  • Caesar Vargas- (killed him to tie up any loose ends, stuffed his body in a fridge).
  • G. Callen- (attempted).

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