Nikita Reznikov
Portrayed by Daniel J. Travanti
IMG 0278
Episode Count
First Appearance
Reznikov N.
Last Appearance
Nikita Aleksandr Reznikov Konstantine Chernoff
Hair Color
KGB Major (Gulag Prisoner (formerly)
Family Members
Clara Callen (wife) ✝️
Amy Callen (daughter) ✝️
Grisha Callen (son)
Alexandra Reynolds (daughter)
Unnamed Reynolds (grandson)
Major Nikita Aleksandr Reznikov is the Russian father of G. Callen and Amy Callen. He was a major in the KGB but was arrested in 1974 for helping Soviet civilians escape to the West. He was sent to a gulag camp in Siberia. He later escaped and changed his name to Konstantine Chernoff. In the latest episode he finally met G. Callen and revealed to Callen his birth name, including his full first name. Grisha

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