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Neil Corby was a JAG officer and a lawyer who stole the five million dollars in a five million dollar electronic heist that G. Callen personally investigated. He serves as a primary antagonist in Season 1, despite appearing in one episode.



Corby was a former Commander in the US Navy, who was a public defender for four years before deciding that he was a military man at heart, prompting him to join JAG and become a high-ranking JAG officer and lawyer.

He helped Kristin Donnelly's fiancé, Tommy Boyd escape a DUI after discovering that there was an error with the arresting paperwork and got the prosector to seal the case.

NCIS Season 1Edit

At some point, Corby gained possession of the money and began killing all those involved in the original scheme, presumbly to cover his tracks. He then began to suspect that a man named "Jason Tedrow" might actually be Callen in disguise and lured Kensi Blye into a trap with the intention of exposing Callen, not knowing that Callen and Sam Hanna were in the station as well.

But Tommy Boyd, having realized Corby's actions, met up with Corby at the station and a stand-off ensured, with Corby shooting Boyd.

Corby then attempted to take Kensi and then an unnamed woman hostage, but Callen, who had been tipped off to the plan, shot Corby.

Left gravelly wounded by the gunshots, Corby used his last ounces of remaining strength to ask Kensi if Callen was "Tedrow". She told him he wasn't and seconds later, Corby died from his wounds.


  • Joey Gale- (shot in an execution-styled shooting).
  • Jon Donnelly- (shot in a drive-by).
  • Montrell Perez- (poisoned).
  • Tommy Boyd- (shot, although it is unknown if he died or survived).
  • G. Callen- (attempted).
  • Kensi Blye- (took her hostage, intending to kill her).
  • Unnamed woman- (intended to take prisoner).
  • Sam Hanna- (attempted).


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