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Malcolm Tallridge
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Malcolm Tallridge was the charismatic founder and leader of "Enhancing Law Enforcement", a dangerous militia group dedicated to stopping illegal immigration into the U.S.


A self-proclaimed patriot and anti-immigrant individual, Tallridge ran a tight-knit organization and was particularly brutal and ruthless as he ordered anyone who disobeyed him or broke his rules to be killed as punishment for their betrayal.

NCIS: Los AngelesEdit

601px-NCISLAS1 112

Tallridge inspecting his truck at the main ELE camp.

Upon realizing that he was on the verge of being arrested, Tallridge attempted to escape, only for Callen and Sam to pursue him.

When he saw them, Tallridge reacted by attempting to run them down despite Callen stating that Tallridge would stop, much to Sam's disagreement. The two NCIS agents then kill Tallridge by shooting back at his truck, causing it to veer over a barricade and crash, killing the ELE leader in the process.

With the deaths of both Tallridge and Bordinay and the arrest of their men, ELE was disbanded for good.


  • G. Callen- (attempted; eventually died by his hand).
  • Sam Hanna- (attempted; eventually died by his hand).


  • Michael Reilly Burke previously appeared in the original NCIS series in the Season 3 episode, Honor Code (episode).

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