Lance Talbot
Portrayed by David Hoflin
Episode Count
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Lance Talbot
Hair Color
Former Navy Lieutenant
Family Members

Lance Talbot was a former US Navy Lieutenant, who on behalf of the US government, attempted to gain the trust of tribal leaders in the Middle East to form an alliance against the insurgents in Afghanistan.

NCIS interrogate him about a shootout in which he was seemingly shot in the wrist, but he could only remember that he was shooting in self-defense due to his PTSD condition. Special Agent Kensi Blye sympathises to Talbot and even tells him that her ex-fiancée also had PTSD before disappearing.

It doesn't take long for Sam and Callen to discover that Talbot had faked his PTSD in order to have an alibi and sell intelligence secrets to the Iranians.

Upon being compromised, Talbot flees in his red Camaro vehicle at an exchange drop to trade intelligence secrets for money with an Iranian secret agent. After seeing the NCIS agents, Talbot attempts to escape. Suddenly, he turns around and aims at Kensi, who is forced to shoot the treacherous ex-Lieutenant twice in the chest, killing him.

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