Kurt Holgate
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Kurt Holgate
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Kurt Holgate was a Navy SEAL and an old friend of Sam Hanna who took part in a raid on a drug dealer's house, along with his two colleagues Timothy Jackson and Morris Raspen.

Agents Kensi Blye and Dominic Vail were given of the task of keeping an eye on Holgate from a distance, but they lost him after Holgate realized he was being tailed.

Sam and his partner, G. Callen, confronted Raspen and took him into custody after a brutal fight.

Raspen eventually gave up Holgate's location and the OSP team hatched a plan to get corrupt Detective Douglas Grozen to confess to the fact that he had killed his own partner by using Holgate as bait while Callen went undercover as Raspen.

In the gunfight that ensured, Grozen and his partner were both shot and killed by Sam and Kensi while Holgate was left injured and taken to hospital for treatment with Sam later revealing that Holgate was out of surgery and that the doctors treating him believed that he would make a full recovery.


  • Matt Battaglia previously appeared in the original NCIS series in the Season 1 episode A Weak Link (episode).

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