Jennifer Kim
Portrayed by Malese Jow
Episode Count
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First Appearance
Cancel Christmas (NCIS: Los Angeles)
Last Appearance
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Yujin "Jennifer" Kim
Hair Color
North Korean Agent
Family Members
Owen Granger (Father)

Jennifer Kim is the undercover North Korean Spy assigned to assassinate other North Korean Agents, and daughter of NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger.


Born Yujin Kim (Korean: 김유진), Jennifer Kim is the illegitimate daughter of NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger and works as a spy for North Korea. While in Los Angeles, her assignment was to kill other North Korean operatives in the area. She was captured by the Office of Special Projects and held in various secured facilities.

According to her, Jennifer grew up knowing that her mother worked for the government as an intelligence operative and her father was an American spy much to the dismay of Granger, who had always assumed that her mom never told her who he was. She herself volunteered for "spy school" at the age of 12, where she was trained as an operative.