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Hosein Khadem is an old adversary of Hetty's from the middle east and is described as being Hetty's Marcel Janvier, making him her arch enemy, due to how much she hates him and wishes he would die.


During the rebellion in Iran, he used to work with Hetty as an ally in the secret police, until he eventually betrayed her and turned towards the side of her enemy, being responsible for numerous deaths in the country.

After that Hetty and him became arch enemies and she could not bring him to justice no matter how many times she tried, as implied from a conversation with Hetty to G. Callen, during which Hetty mentioned that he is her Marcel Janvier.

Later in the present day he began working for an agent of the Iranian government, named Naseem Vaziri and met Hetty at the port, with several of his men, where she was currently at. During This meeting, he reconciled in her about old times, while keeping an eye on Hetty, probably on orders from Vaziri. He then left Hetty be and drove away.

Some time later it was confirmed by G. Callen and Hetty that he was working with Vaziri, as evidenced from the two sitting together, while keeping an eye on G. Callen, and Hetty. He was then present when Vaziri was threatened by G. Callen to leave hetty be, but Vaziri refused.

Later, while Vaziri was torturing G. Callen for the name of the spy in Iran, he and his men, on Vaziri's order, watches Hetty and on Vaziri's order would execute Hetty if G. Callen didn't tell Vaziri the name of the spy, but after G.Callen told Vaziri the truth that there was no spy, he and his men where ordered to stand down and leave Hetty.

Later it is implied that Hetty killed him and left his dead corpse in the sea, though it is unknown the exact situation that led to his death.

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