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The Bank Job is the fifteenth episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.


The robbery of a military convey in Iraq leads the OSP team to a jihadist group who have a heist crew to get their stolen money back, forcing the team into a race against the clock to stop both parties. When the heist does take place, the stakes are raised when Kensi is shot and wounded after attempting to stop the robbery.


Kensi lies injured after being shot by a bank robber.


  • In the similarly named episode in season two "The Job", Kensi again goes undercover, this time as a thief.
  • In the last scene, Hetty states that she never got used to the understeer of her Porsche. Most cars made by Porsche got the engine at the back, so does Hetty's '55 Spyder. Because of that the car would oversteer, not understeer.
  • Ian Harding,who played the mole Curtis Lacross later went on to star in 'Pretty Little Liars' as Ezra Fitz.

Episode Name OriginEdit

The name "The Bank Job" refers to the bank robbery that occurs at the beginning of the episode.


Series RegularsEdit

Actor/Actress Character Role
Chris O'Donnell G. Callen Special Agent
LL Cool J Sam Hanna Special Agent
Linda Hunt Henrietta Lange Operations Manager
Peter Cambor Nate Getz Operational Psychologist
Daniela Ruah Kensi Blye Special Agent

Recurring GuestsEdit

Actor/Actress Character Role
Barrett Foa Eric Beale Tech Operator
Brian Avers Mike Renko NCIS Special Agent

Other CastEdit

Character Actor Role
Detective Matt Bernhart LAPD Devon Sawa Dectective with the Los Angeles Police Department and an associate of Special Agent Mike Renko.
Damien Salerno Brian Goodman A thug and career criminal responsible for the death of Marine Chad Jeffcoat
Mick Benelli Mac Brandt A career criminal who NCIS attempt to use as bait to draw Damien Salerno out, only for Salerno to kill Benelli by shooting him in the chest.
Connor Lavery Played by Scott Alan Smith
Curtis Lacross Ian Harding A man who is the Jihadist Raider's Front mole inside the bank.
Chad Jeffcoat Joel Zaldivar A Marine who leaked the routes of the money to the Jihadist Raider's Front and was later murdered.

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