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Killshot is the fifth episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. It also marks the debut appearance of Abigail Sciuto, a main character on the original NCIS series.


A defence contractor is shot dead while on his jet-ski and the team fear that his classified secrets have been lost but all that changes when they find a suspect: a woman named Lee Wuan Kai, an assassin originally from North Korea who has haunted NCIS Director Leon Vance for several years. Meanwhile, rookie Agent Dominic Vail goes on an undercover assignment for the first time.

Major EventsEdit

  • It's revealed that Kensi can lip-read.
  • It's revealed that Dom is now an official NCIS Special Agent.
  • Abigail Sciuto, a scientist at the Navy Yard and one of the main characters in the original NCIS series is introduced for the first time.


  • Both Rocky Carroll and Pauley Perette are credited as Special Guest Stars.
  • The events in this episode would later be carried over to the original NCIS series with the story-line of Lee Wuan Kai being wrapped up in the Season 7 episode, Endgame (episode).

Episode Name OriginEdit

The name "Killshot" stems from the "kill-shot" or "head-shot" which assassins such as Lee Wuan Kai are trained to use.


Series RegularsEdit

Actor/Actress Character Role
Chris O'Donnell G. Callen Special Agent
LL Cool J Sam Hanna Special Agent
Linda Hunt Henrietta Lange Operations Manager
Peter Cambor Nate Getz Operational Psychologist
Daniela Ruah Kensi Blye Special Agent
Adam Jamal Craig Dominic Vail Special Agent

Recurring GuestsEdit

Actor/Actress Character Role
Barrett Foa Eric Beale The OSP's Tech Operator
Rocky Carroll Leon Vance Director of NCIS who arrives in Los Angeles upon learning that Lee Wuan Kai is responsible for the recent killings.
Pauley Perrette Abigail Sciuto Forensic Scientist with the NCIS Navy Yard in Washington D.C. Vance calls her for help in regards to the OSP's current case and to also check out some blood spatter. She's also on friendly terms with Eric Beale.

Other CastEdit

Character Actor Role
Lee Wuan Kai Kelly Hu A North Korean assassin with connections to Director Vance. She would later reappear in the main NCIS series in the Season 7 episode, "Endgame".
Jimmy Su Kelvin Yu Brother of Daniel Su.
Aimee Su Kathleen Munroe Jimmy Su's wife and also the one responsible for killing Daniel Su's business partner, Sally Morris.
Frank Davis Michael Ornstein A DARPA employee who briefs Sam and Callen on Daniel Su's projects.
Video Guy Stanton Barrett Uncredited role.
Blonde Girl Arielle Zimmerman Uncredited role.

Production NotesEdit

This will be the fifth episode of the first season to air. However, Killshot was the second episode of the series filmed. The presentation order of the episodes was reordered so that this episode would air after The Only Easy Day, Predator and Search and Destroy.

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