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Enemy Within is the forty-third and nineteenth episode in the second season of NCIS: Los Angeles.


It's a race against time as the team attempts to foil an assassination plot against a Venezuelan politician on US soil.


Series RegularsEdit

Actor/Actress Character Role
Chris O'Donnell G. Callen Special Agent
LL Cool J Sam Hanna Special Agent
Linda Hunt Henrietta Lange Operations Manager
Daniela Ruah Kensi Blye Special Agent
Barrett Foa Eric Beale Tech Operator
Eric Christian Olsen Marty Deeks LAPD Liaison
Renée Felice Smith Nell Jones Intelligence Analyst, NCIS: OSP

Other CastEdit

Actor/Actress Character Role
Joshua Bitton Daniel Chambers Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
Myndy Crist Emily Chambers
Eduardo Yañez Antonio Medina
Tayler Sheridan Jennings Captain, United States Navy
Piper MacKenzie Harris Allie Chambers
Joe Orrego Juan Munoz
Marcos de Silvas Martinez
Marta McGonagle Maria Rivero
Valerie Rose Curiel Rosa Munoz
Alejandro Patino Day Laborer
Marion Correa Sal